Flora & Fauna

Goondicum is home to an abundance of native animals, including threatened species such as the rock wallaby, platypus, and greater glider. There are over 130 species of birds on the property, including glossy black cockatoos and squatter pigeons, as well as a host of mammals including squirrel gliders, koalas, wallabies and bettong. Down by the creek you might spy the endangered white throated snapping turtle, and hear the cacophony of Goondicum’s many frog species, such as the bumpy rocket frog and the eastern stony creek frog. 

Within Goondicum Crater, you can visit a remnant endangered ecosystem: the unique semi-evergreen vine thicket, or stand in awe of giant Queensland bottle trees. Head down to boulder-strewn gorges, where creeks have carved their way through the crater’s rim over millions of years, creating cliff faces that provide a refuge for the elusive rock wallabies. Permanent waterholes in the wetlands provide habitat for frogs, native fish and reptiles, as well as a feeding and resting ground for migratory birds.

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